‘How to …’ Crochet Tutorial – Working Stitches From The Opposite Side

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What is a stitch from the opposite side?

‘Stitches from the opposite side’ are a special kind of front post stitches. They are used to create a mirror image of a smooth, round shape in the second half of a design.

Why use a stitch that is worked from the opposite side?

When we want to create curves by working front post stitches, we usually get smooth lines when working in one direction (generally on the ‘outer’ side of the curve), but a slight kink on the mirrored side. 

Working stitches from the opposite side compensates for this problem and allows us to work a smooth line.

Comparison of a stitch worked as usual to a stitch worked from the opposite side

hook inserted from right to left

there is a slight kink between the 2 sts

hook inserted from left to right

the 2 sts create a continuous curve

How to work stitches from the opposite side

To make a stitch from the opposite side, insert the hook from left (left-handers: from right) under the stitch you make the front post around. Then you put the yarn on the right side (left-handers: on the left side) of the hook and crochet the stitch from there.

find the st 2 ahead and 1 round below (indicated)

yo twice (3 loops on hook), insert the hook from the opposite side than you normally would

for the yo, bring the yarn across the st’s post and in front of the hook

(4 loops on hook)
pull through the post of the st (blue) and the first loop (red)

go in 2 steps;
step 1: pull through post (finished in pic)
step 2: pull through the first loop (red)

(4 loops on hook)
from here, finish the tr as usual:
yo and pull through 2 loops,

(3 loops on hook) yo and pull through 2 loops,

(2 loops on hook) yo and pull through both loops

finished fptr-L_+2-1


sk the st behind the fptr-L, continue in the next


you will achieve a nicely rounded curve

Abbreviation indicating a stitch from the opposite side

..L You will find a note in the stitch abbreviation behind the stitch type when a stitch should be worked from the opposite side.

  • i.e. fptrL_+2-2 – a front post treble from left (left-handers: from right) around the st 2 ahead and 2 rounds below the next st

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