Wrapped In Jamie CAL Square 3 – Goodbye Mama Story


It is 1729. Two years earlier, Jamie and Jenny have lost their brother, Willie, to the small pox. This year, their mother Ellen dies at child birth. She and the baby, Robert, are buried  beside Wille on the hill near Lallybroch.

Being the oldest son, Willie was supposed to become laird of Lallybroch, but now this seems to be Jamie’s responsibility.

Being the only female left, Jenny  helps her father to run the estate, but also to takes care of her younger brother Jamie.

Photo credit: Adrian Moran on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

The yarn kit colourways ‘Jamie’ and ‘Scotland’ (available from Colourspun, Nundle Woollen Mill and Wool Warehouse)  include a dark colour in reference to this incident. 

In the ‘Storyteller’ colourway (made from DROPS Paris yarn), I use a bright green to reflect the grave under the big tree on the hill. 

The most appropriate design to reflect the loss was of course a cross. I was inspired by the square-ish look of many Scottish crosses and wanted to incorporate that into the design.

The cross is layered in three frames to represent the loss of Ellen Caitriona MacKenzie Fraser, but also that of the child who died with her and Willie, who passed away two years earlier.

If you look closely or when you make this square you will notice that the crosses made in the inner frame (the part between inner square and border) reflect not only the ‘squareness’ of the cross, but also the round middle.

You will find this again in the border as a very subtle (but once you have become aware of it obvious) detail.

The link to the pattern, photo and video tutorials will go live here in…


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