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Image Overlay Crochet (IOC)

If you have never heard of Image Overlay Crochet (IOC) – affectionately also called ‘Petranese’  – before, you may want to start with this article:

What on Earth is Image Overlay Crochet?

This article explains the similarities and differences between ‘normal’ Overlay Crochet and Image Overlay Crochet and the relevance of the specific Image Overlay Crochet terminology ‘Petranese’.

General crochet terminology and techniques explained in photo and/or video tutorials, for example long stitches or joins.

A collection of crochet tutorials for general and specific techniques that are used in Black Sheep Crochet Designs. You should be familiar with the basic crochet techniques.

‘Petranese’ is the Black Sheep Crochet specific way of explaining the kind and placement of Image Overlay Crochet stitches featured in all Wrapped in Jamie CAL and Heirloom Pattern Squares.

Once you are familiar with the abbreviations, you will wonder how it ever could have been written any other way.

Photo and Video Tutorials for each pattern in the  Wrapped in Jamie CAL 

Tutorial Collection on Youtube

Check out our videos on YouTube:

Black Sheep Crochet video tutorials on YouTube