Wrapped In Jamie CAL Project Options

What is it going to be?

Many people have asked me what the end product of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL will be. I was wondering myself how I would best like to be ‘Wrapped in Jamie’ and honestly could not make up my mind. So many options!

So I thought it would be best to let you decide where you would like to take this project. Here are a few ideas for your consideration.

A long scarf without...

Quite a few options how to arrange the squares if you want to make a long scarf.

Additionally to the ones shown here, you could of course combine all 12 main squares in only one row and wrap it around you several times.

Or you could change the order going down from 1-6 on one side and up from 7-12 on the other.

... or with Claire ...

One more square (the ‘Big Claire Square) adds more length to your scarf. 

Also here a few ideas how to arrange your squares, whether you want to go in order of release (and timeline) or choose by motif, having the more textured squares on one side and less textured ones on the other, or mix them all up – the choice is yours.

... in a diamond layout ...

I will be making the left option with the Show and Tell squares you see in my announcements.

The last 8 squares and the triangles as well as the Claire Square will released in Season 2 of our Wrapped In Jamie CAL.

A shawl without...

This option requires a bit of patience from you, because it includes  two additional squares that will be released in Season 2 of this CAL, as will the little 1/2 squares (which makes them triangles…hmm). Or you could duplicate your favourite square(s) and leave out the triangles for a quirky border.

... or with Claire

For this design you will have to choose to leave out one of the Jamie squares. He still wrappes around Claire and you can still wrap him around you.

... or with Claire more integrated

As above, just with the Claire square moved one row up, which makes it seem more integrated than in the previous version. Number of squares is the same as above.

A Throw without ...

Easy peasy, putting just all 12 Jamie squares together in any order you fancy.

You could arrange them in threes or fours as shown for the latter in the picture or make a square from nine and duplicate your favourite designs along the short or long edge(s.)

... or a square blanket with Claire

Including Claire makes it square (sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyme and the play with words).

Again you could duplicate favourites and arrange them along the sides or even duplicate all including Claire and mirror the whole arrangement to get a rectangular shape.

the possibilities are almost endless and once Season 2 (of the CAL) will be released, you wil have eight more squares plus the triangles to play with.

Here is a Sneak Peek for a big blanket after Season 2 of the CAL

Can you see the potential?

And can you blame me for not being able to decide?

I had too much fun just playing and shifting all the squares around to commit.

Nevertheless I encourage you to choose one favourite basic design (scarf, shawl, throw, blanket) and get your head around the yarn you want to use for that specific project, as the gauge will greatly vary (outlined in this post) and choosing the right yarn for your project can make all the difference.

And this is the biggest of the Projects I will be making

It will incorporate every design:

  • squares 1-12 from Season 1
  • the big Claire Square,
  • large triangles and
  • small triangles from Season 2 and of course
  • the final border from Season 3

Also comes in a Down-sized Version

Yarn kits will be available for each and every Season in three different colourways and if you don’t fancy them, you will be given enough information to put your own yarns together. For a first idea, head over to Wrapped In Jamie CAL Yardage. Make sure you scroll all the way down to get all the information.

Below are some great yarn stores with a range of beautiful yarns in delicious colourways. This is where I shop or what I recommend. (Yes, they are affiliate links, but it truly is where I shop apart from local stores. Though I might receive a small fee for my referral, I would recommend them anyway. There is no extra cost to you either way and all commissions go towards the Black sheep Crochet Project). 

You can find a post about yardage, colour ideas and a first impression of the colourways for our yarn kits here.

This is where I got all my DROPS Paris and DROPS Baby Merino yarn from. (If you have seen this post earlier, I mentioned another supplier. I double checked and I noticed that I actually made the order with Wool Warehouse).

It was the fast and low cost delivery to Australia that attracted me to this yarn supplier. And I certainly have to love their logo 😉

Wool Warehouse offer yarn kits for Season 1 in our three colourways Jamie, Scotland and Claire for DROPS Baby Merino and DROPS Paris. You can find them here.

Wool WarehouseWool Warehouse

Knit Picks have a very affordable signature yarn – Brava Sport (Acrylics).

Best news: They offer a coupon code specifically for our Black Sheep Flock members and CAL participants to get an extra 10% off the Brava Sport.

Order it with the link below and coupon code BSCAL19 

Knit Picks Banner

Colourspun have the most delicious colours and the best part of it: Dana and her team are hand dyeing all their yarns themselves! They have a huge range of beautiful colours available that are perfect for the Wrapped in Jamie theme.  Have a look at their website and let those sumptuous colours sink in. If you find it difficult to choose – and who would blame you! – you can ask Dana or anyone from their team for assistance to create a colour palette with you, as they are familiar with the Wrapped in Jamie project. 

Great news: at the time of writing (September 2019), the US$ and Euro are advantageous to get your hands on some luxurious yarns at a fantastic exchange rate.

An old mill that is still running today and not only offers high quality yarns, but also keeps the heritage alive.

Nundle Woollen Mill is our third supplier for yarn kits. I hope. Have a look around at the colour choices outside the yarn kits.

Need even more yarn choices?

Take a look at these yarn stores. 



Knitcrate offer some cool kits and exquisite yarns. There are membership options and fun projects you can join plus lots of free patterns.


If you are a beginner and get stuck with a stitch, Annie’s will have a tutorial to show you how to do it.