‘Petranese’ explained and “How to…” tutorial – psc and psc-x – picot single crochet and a variation

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This stitch is introduced by Black Sheep crochet in “Claire”, a Season 2 square of the Wrapped In Jamie CAL, wit

Decorative Stitches

Black Sheep Crochet designs are all about writing stories in yarn.

We combine stitches to literally or figuratively depicture a theme or story element, a character or a mood of a story. 

For that, we ‘weave’ different stitches together, work around, behind or into them and we add decorative embellishments of all sorts.

What is a psc?

A psc is a very cute, simple and easy to make decorative stitch that can be used in many forms.

Its subtle 3D effect provides structure and texture. It can be worked as a single stitch or in a cluster and is particularly useful when only small elements are needed to make an impression.

Smaller than double crochet or treble crochet cluster, popcorn stitch or puff stitch, a psc is quicker to make, using less yarn and space and is therefore ideal to create a more intricate pattern.

How to work the psc - picot single crochet

A psc – picot single crochet is easy to work.

It is almost worked as a normal single crochet, with just a little insertion

pscpicot single crochet


psc-xpicot single crochet variation


insert the hook in the next st as if to work a normal sc

yo and pull through (2 loops on hook)

yo and pull through only the last loop made on the hook 3 times

you will have a ch3 on one side and the original loop on the other

yo and pull through both loops on the hook

keep the ch3 in the front / on the RS of the work

sc in the next st

the sc will pull the ch3 down and forward, creating the little picot

Why a psc variation?

When we work the psc, the stitch afterward is anchoring the ch3 down to form the picot. 

If a psc is followed by a special stitch however, that special stitch prevents the proper anchoring of the picot st. (pic. 1)

Even after making a stitch following the special stitch, there is still too much of a gap to properly define the picot. (pic. 2)

The variation of the picot single crochet makes sure that the picot is anchored in place, so that a special stitch can be made without loosing the integrity of the picot. (pic. 3)




How to work the psc-x - variation of the picot single crochet

Sometimes the pattern calls for a psc-x, which is worked in a similar way, except anchoring the stitch in a different kind of way.

insert the hook in the front loop only of next st, yo and pull through

ch3 over the loop made last (same as with the psc)

insert the hook in the back loop of the same st (indicated on the WS; 3 loops on hook)

yo and pull through 3 loops


a small cluster of picot single crochets worked in the first round of a swatch


anchoring the psc-x in the back loop of the same st it is made from causes it to lean a tiny bit to the side, but when followed by a special st, this can be an advantage. Either way, the offset is hardly visible.

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