Wrapped In Jamie Resources

How to best approach this CAL

Step 1

Read the Trailer (Introduction to the Wrapped in Jamie CAL)

Step 2

Learn about the “Seasons”
Wrapped In Jamie Seasons page

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Download the colouring in pages and decide on colour placement (use the blank Layout Planner Sheets or create your own)

Step 7

Step 8

Choose And Organise Your Yarn
Yarn Kits and yarn recommendations page

Step 9

While waiting for your yarn, get familiar with the Stitch Compendium  …
Stitch collection page (coming soon)

The Stitch Compendium contains abbreviations used, basic stitches you should know, an explanation of the “Petranese” counting and stitch placement system, how to work in front, back and 3rd loops as well as front and back post stitches and much more…

Step 10

Gather your supplies

Step 11

Follow the Story

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