Wrapped In Jamie Resources

How to best approach this CAL

Step 1

Read the Introduction

Step 2

Learn about the “Seasons”
Wrapped In Jamie Seasons page

Step 3

Step 4

Choose your colourway
Colour Inspiration From The Story  page

Step 5

Step 6

Download the colouring in pages and decide on colour placement (use the blank Layout Planner Sheets or create your own)

Step 7

Step 8

Choose And Organise Your Yarn
Yarn Kits and yarn recommendatons page

Step 9

While waiting for your yarn, get familiar with the Stitch Collection (or watch some Outlander to get in the mood) …
Stitch collection page (coming soon)

Step 10

… and check the pattern release dates
Bottom of the Seasons page

Step 11

Gather your supplies

Step 12

Count down sleeps