Wrapped In Jamie Square 10 – Hunting Story


His time as an outlaw, living rough and hunting in the Scottish woods helps Jamie to increase his ‘outdoor’ survival skills, his red hair a give-away for those who look out for him.


1742-ish to 1743 – Jamie is back from France and spends some time living rough, hunting in the woods and increasing his outdoor skills with a gang of other lads. 

He is still classified as an outlaw, which means while he spends time as a hunter, he is also hunted (by the English). 


Photo credits to  Franck V. on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

This square is about hunting, a hunter and a hunted.

The pattern represents different kinds of arrows – wide ones and narrow ones, the feathery ends of the arrows and the threads they represent. It takes a lot of arrows to practice hunting deer, cattle or other game. The aim is, of course, to land this one, perfect shot. 

I have chosen a mustard for the square in the storyteller colourway, respectively a rusty orange for the inside or border on other squares. Both colours refer to the leaves in a Scottish forest in autumn. The mustard colour is also a reference to the hides of stags, a hunter’s leather breaches and vest.

The soft mustard is a good colour for camouflage among the tree trunks, while the rusty orange of Jamie’s hair is a give away for those who are looking for the guy who is hunting their cattle or the English, who are still trying to hunt jamie down. 

The link to the free pattern page can be found below:

Square 10 – Hunting Pattern Page

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