WIJ Season 1 Project Border Story


The Season 1 Project Border is a reference to one of Scotland’s typical plants: Heather.

I have taken the liberty to predict the usually straight stem as being zig-zaggy using popcorns to represent the flower buds.

Photo credits to Olia Gozha on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

Double treble 2-together stitches have been a recurring theme in the Wrapped in jamie CAL Squares and – together with popcorn stitches – in the Square Border.

Continuing from there it was therefore only fitting to use these two stitches as the main ‘characters’ for the Season 1 Project Border.

Using a very slim join (I used the zig-zag slip stitch join, but the flat ‘Zipper/ join or regular slip stitch join would also work) only added one additional stitch to the outer border. 

I wanted a Project Border that was simple, adjustable to any number of squares, expressive in just colour, but easily adaptable and flexible to be used in several colours to reflect those used in the inner squares and border(s).

While I worked with just one colour for the inner squares and the square border, I wanted to offer the Project Border using different colours in the same row/round and offer ideas how to combine colours repeating the ones used in the square and border or using contrast.

The link to the free pattern page can be found below:

Season 1 Project Border Pattern

Link will be live on midday Sunday, 9th of August 2020 

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