• Pockets of Joy – Petra 3 colours
  • POJ-white petals
  • POJ-white no petals
  • POJ white petals closer
  • POJ white petals close up
  • POJ-white no petals close
  • POJ-2 colours flower close
  • POJ-3 colours Black Sheep Crochet black background
  • POJ-white-BSC petals
  • POJ-white BSC no petals
  • POJ-4 squares
  • POJ-3 colours side
  • POJ-white petals top view
  • POJ dramatic dark
  • POJ pink
  • PoJ pink and blue

Pockets of Joy – Petra

$ 5.95

The third of four designs themed ‘Pockets of Joy”, inspired by the beautiful moments experienced at the Crochet Guild of Australia conference in Sydney in 2023.

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This is an accessory pattern based on Image Overlay Crochet designed by 

Petra Creutziger of Black Sheep Crochet

Skill Level

Intermediate and above 

Meaning, you need to know basic stitches like sc, dc, tr, working in front and back loops and making front posts, as well as being confident in counting your stitches and rounds. However, there are so many explanations, tutorials and support documents, that I like to think that an adventurous beginner will be able to make this square, too. 

This pattern is one of four Pockets of Joy versions inspired by a comment about the many beautiful moments created at the Crochet Guild Australia conference in Sydney in 2023.

You can read the full background story here:


Other Pockets of Joy versions are made by 

Shelley Husband https://www.shelleyhusbandcrochet.com  

Susannah Kate https://www.peppergoose.design and 

Dedri Uys https://www.lookatwhatimade.net

The patterns are dedicated to the Crochet Guild Australia and its members, who can access a free version of this design. 


Included in this pattern are:

Extended Pattern Version – with special stitches explained above each round, precisely when you need them, hints, tips, and stitch marker placement suggestions. 

Special Bonuses:

Special Stitches Overview a complete list of all special stitches used in this pattern. Ideal to be used in conjunction with:

Chart for the square and the flower part– the unique Image Overlay Crochet chart. A visual reference to complement (or substitute) the written pattern. Please refer to the pattern notes in the IOC-1-Basics for ‘Beginner’ Image Overlay Crochet projects and the Special Stitches Overview in conjunction with the chart legend when using the chart.

Pattern in a Nutshell – the simplified, condensed, and therefore more print-friendly version of the IOC segments of this pattern.

Additional documents:

IOC-1-Basics for ‘Beginner’ Image Overlay Crochet projects  includes detailed explanations with photo tutorials for the terminology and techniques used in this pattern, as well as important pattern notes. 

Photo Tutorial – the written pattern with special stitches above each round and a detailed photo tutorial for each special stitch and important or difficult stitch placement.


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