Native Cradle Carrier

The Native Cradle Carrier is one of three carrier types in the Peg Doll Accessories Collection.

Coming soon as another original Peg Doll Accessories pattern are the Cocoon Carrier and the Hug Me Carrier.

The Native Cradle Carrier is inspired by the way Native Americans (used to) carry their babies: on a cradle board, fixed with straps of fabric or leather.

Apache Babe 1903
Photo credit:
Edward S. Curtis from the New York Public Library

Peg Doll Mamas and Papas love their children very much. They want to carry them with them always and the Native Cradle Carrier is one mean to keep them close.


As a reader of Mark Twain, I was fascinated by what I then thought was an accurate portrait of Native American culture. I loved my Playmobil ‘Indianer’ (‘Indian’) sets the most and played with them for countless hours, especially domestic play, like preparing meals, but also hunting and kayaking. 

What about you? Did you dress up as a ‘cowboy’ or ‘Indian’?

The Native Cradle Carrier is the start of some Native and Nativity inspired designs for Peg Doll families.

You can find the pattern for this carrier here:

Peg Doll Accessories Collection – Native Cradle Carrier