Wrapped In Jamie CAL Square 6 – L’Université Story


While studying at l’Université, Jamie lives with his cousin Jared Fraser in Paris, France.

Jared is a very successful wine merchant with connections to high places and even the king. (We learn later that he is devoted Jacobite as well.)

Jamie has a talent for languages and speaks not only Gaelic and Scottish, but is (or becomes) also fluent in French, Greek and Latin. Later in the story he has an opportunity to learn basic German, a bit of Dutch and even some Chinese as well as at least two different native American dialects. 

Receiving an education like Jamie does is not at all a matter of course in this time. Only his status as future laird or Lallybroch not only enables, but even requires that he is educated in all faculties that are required of a future “Himself”.

Photo Credit to Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

During the design process I first intended to call this square “Books and Wine” as a reference to Jamie’s studies at the university (books) and him lodging with his cousin, the wine merchant (wine).

While both facts are significant and important, Jamie’s connection to the higher circles of society, his literacy and language talent are much more relevant for future events.

I used the fleur-de-lis as a symbol for Jamie’s acquaintance with people at the king’s court in France and the tiny “universities” in the inner frame as a representation of his higher education.

Colour psychology studies refer to a dark Blue as a colour of business and education; a colour that creates confidence and promotes learning, which is why I have chosen a dark Petrol for this square in the story colourway blanket.

The trickiest bit of this square was to make it as simple as possible but still recognisable. The pattern requires concentration while crocheting, but will reward you with a very special square. Once you have passed round nine, it will be a breeze.

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