Wrapped in Jamie CAL Yardage

Many people have already asked about yarn requirements.

Before we go into that, I would like to give you an overview how Wrapped In Jamie CAL is going to work.

This CAL will come in three ‘Seasons’.

Season 1 – Initial release of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL. Includes 12 different squares, square border and a design for a 3 x 4 squares blanket outer border project. 

Please note: due to the many options for projects the squares provide, yarn kits do NOT consider yarn for a border in Season 1.

Season 2 – Continuing after Season 1, starting with the big Claire Square (which is 4 times the size of a normal square), followed by 8 more squares and a border option for a project considering all squares.

Season 3 – Triangles to fill in the gaps for the shawl options and the big ‘Diamond Kilt Claire 20’ layout, plus a project border for this layout.

Keep in mind that this CAL tells the story of Jamie before and until he meets Claire (in square 12 – Sassenachs).  This leaves us a lot of potential to create more squares for a second blanket, continuing with Frank, Brianna, Roger, Fergus…

Choosing your Yarn

In order to plan ahead, you might want to get a general idea what you want to create first. You can find some schematics in this post or you can download blank layout planner sheets here. Please have a look at it before jumping further down. It is really worth the effort to give your project some consideration, as it greatly influences your choice of yarn. 

Once you have chosen your project, you can then decide which kind of yarn would be suitable for it.

For example, if you want to make a shawl or a scarf, I would recommend a thin yarn like a 4ply / sock yarn / light fingering or fingering with a yardage of around 160 – 180m/50g.

A blanket screams for a DK to medium or heavy worsted yarn / DK – Aran / 8 ply with a yardage between 95m and 125m/50g.

For a small throw or blanket  you would ideally use Sport / light DK / 5 ply yarn with around 135m/50g yardage.

I will be using the DROPS Paris “Storyteller” colourway yarn kit to make a bed throw, which is an Aran / 10ply yarn. It is going to be huge!

The yarn you choose will determine your hook size and the size of your final project. Below are some numbers to play with.

Yarn Suppliers

The squares in the pictures you see as my ‘Show and Tell’ pictures have been created with DROPS Baby Merino and a 3.5mm hook. 

I got mine from the Wool Warehouse and you can get the exact yarn, because Wool Warehouse have agreed to create yarn kits for us! Hurray! 

Colourspun is also excited to create some kits for this CAL. They have they most incredible collection of colours. Just have a look at the choices!

Nundle Woollen Mill have us covered with some delicious wool kits, locally in Australia. Have a look at their beautiful mill. It is just gorgeous. 

Just recently, Knit Picks have also come on board to help out with delicious yarn choices for people in the US and Canada. They have given me a special Coupon Code specifically for our CAL members that will give you a discount on selected yarn. 

I am very stoked and super happy to work with each of those suppliers. They all offer fabulous service and the yarns are divine. If you are allergic to wool (or would like to test the pattern in a more affordable yarn first before you treat yourself to something special, we will have you covered as well.

The table below is probably the most anticipated of the whole CAL so far. It lists the sizes of each square with and without the border in meter and inches and gives you the complete yardage and approximate sizes for six different project layouts, also in meter and inches/yards.

I am adding temporary photos as we go of how that could look like until we have finished projects to replace them with. For a complete overview of all the project options, have a look here.

Also check out our Gallery, with lots of already finished examples using all 12 Season 1 squares – some with and some without ‘Claire’.

The table will also show you recommended yarns and we will have yarn kits in different colourways from all of the listed suppliers available shortly.

Yarn Requirements metric

Yarn Requirements imperial

How to calculate how much yarn you need:

  1. Choose your layout 
  2. Decide how many colours you want to use and
    colour them in the blank layout planner sheets
    (Examples below)
  3. Count how many inner squares, square borders and –
    if applicable – triangles you need per colour
  4. Find the yarn with the gauge that is closest to the one
    you want to use in one of the tables above (one is metric, the other imperial)
  5. Add it all up, then divide by the m/50g or yds/1.75oz that is
    printed on the label of your yarn
  6. Round up, not down 😉
  7. Get your yarn and get hooking!

As an example: To make two squares in the yarns suggested  above using 6 different colours (either with solid or mixed squares) you will need:

3 balls
(175m/50g – 191yds/1.75oz)

5 balls
(100m/50g – 110yds/1.75oz)

8 balls
(75m/50g – 83yds/1.75oz)

Here is a size comparison

The square in DROPS Baby Merino fits exactly in the inner square of the DROPS Paris. 

This is a visual of all three sizes photographed on a 55 x 55 cm /         21.5 x 21.5 inch table.

Colour Options Using Yarn Kits (or any 6 Colours)

The yarn kits will have six different colours with enough balls of each colour to make two squares, so you can either make 

        • two squares in one uniform colour or
        • one square with the inner part in colour A and the border in colour B and the other square with the inner part in colour B and the border in colour A
        • or mix and match any colour combination out of the six colours to create all different inner square/border combinations
        • This will give you 6! combination options ( that’s 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 = 720 different options to combine your 6 colours or 120 options if you use 5 colours!)

I will be making three main projects:


A scarf shaped wrap in my original colourway plus the eight squares and triangles from Season 2 using DROPS Baby Merino




 A rectangular kilt including the Claire Square, all 20 squares plus triangles in a DK/8ply cotton yarn 




 A square bed throw in the storyteller colourway consisting of the first 12 squares arranged around the Claire Square in DROPS Paris



Here Are Some Colourway Ideas For The Big
Diamond Kilt Claire 20 Blanket Layout

based on these colourways:

Colourway Jamie

light, middle and dark brown, dark grey, petrol, olive green

Colourway Claire

natural, beige, light grey, rose, mint, dark red

Colourway Scotland

dark, middle and light green, heather/sea grass/petrol, dark brown, dark grey

Wool WarehouseWool Warehouse

Suitable for yarn kits with 6 different colours

Suitable if you want to use 5 different colours

Want all inner squares and triangles one colour? How about this?

See how essential it is to have a plan and how easy calculating your yarn will be then?

These are the layouts for each of the projects I have chosen:

Left Option
That's all 20 squares, plus Claire Square, plus all Triangles combined. In the DK/8ply this will require 80 balls of yarn and will be 164 x 164cm / 65 x 65 inches wide.
Top Layout

If you can’t find a yarn from our suppliers that suits your needs, you can have a look at Deramores’ and Lovecrafts’ specials.