Wrapped in Jamie Season 1 Squares

DROPS Baby Merino wool

DROPS Paris cotton Aran

Lincraft makr cotton 8ply

Spotlight’s Flinders cotton 8ply

Square 1 - Year of the Ox

Square 2 - Sawny

Square 3 - Goodbye, Mama

Square 4 - Guarding His Right

Square 5 - Manners And Chess

Square 6 - L'Université

Square 7 - The Duel

Square 8 - Scars

Square 9 - Rebekah

Square 10 - Hunting

Square 11 - Next of Kin

Square 12 - Sassenach

Wrapped in Jamie Season 1 Projects

Below – Wrapped in Jamie – A simple blanket made from all 12 squares of Season 1, surrounded by a variation of the Season 1 Project border.

Wrapped in Jamies from our Clan Members

Have a look at these stunning creations from our “Wrapped in Jamie Clan” members.

Each of them (displayed in no particular order) is truly a masterpiece. I hope you get some inspiration from them for your choice of colour and style.

A wonderful version in a very colourful yarn made by Paula Teinonen-Lathi for her husband.

Born out of necessity, one of the squares (Square 4 – Guarding His Right) is made in the contrasting and variegating yarn of the square border. Most squares would not cope well with the wild colour change, but this one is almost as if made for it.

Photo used with permission.

Stunning and very natural in just Cream and Brown.

12 square project by Ruella Nading.

Using the same colour for all square borders makes an additional project border obsolete. I love the calming effect of this colour combination.

The lovely Jaclyn Mc Gillivray, a Wrapped in Jamie supporter since the start of the project, has finished her blanket with only the inner squares in all solid colours. She then adapted the square border to become the project border, using several colours to create a popping Scottish thistle impression.

Very clever!

See all those loose ends? They were sewn in, but I think they look even great as they are. All trimmed to the same length, they would add a nice feature to the blanket.

Photo used with permission.

12 Squares and Claire

Melissa Coles has been a clan member and encourager from the very beginning. We often spoke about her colour choices and which yarn she wanted to use and I absolutely adore how the squares turned out for her. 

In Melissa’s opinion, Claire is too busy and takes away from the other squares, which is why she used repetitions from Square 5 – Manners and Chess (shown in Mustard) to create a substitute square for Claire. 

Didn’t her blanket turn out to be stunning?

Melissa chose to make solid coloured squares, using the same colour for the inner square and the square border.

Yarn choice was DROPS Paris, and I think the stitch definition is exquisite

Have a look at these amazing versions of Claire (left completed, right in progress) by Vikki Mills!

She has used the colours of her square borders to create an outstanding design that emphasises the different layers of Claire. Using so many colours requires lots of labour and concentration. Well done, Vikki!

And here is the complete project including the blanket border. 

Obviously, her cat loves the blanket as much as I do.

Photos by Vikki Mills, used with permission

Barbara Kovalik has kept each square including the border in a single colour. Don’t you love how it brings the designs into focus? 

I think the muted colours work excellent for this blanket.

Photo by Barbara Kovalik, used with permission

Very much like the above version, Brenda Hofschulte‘s Wrapped in Jamie is made using one colour for each square and border in a very masculine colour way. Awesome!

Photo by Brenda Hofschulte, used with permission

Continuing the solid colour theme, Kristen Zerbst has reduced her scheme to only two colours.

Notice the frame, where she used the contrast colour before a round of 3rd loop stitches to create a frame. Beautiful work!

Photo by Kristen Zerbst, used with permission

Derrith Selmes used the light colour for Claire and the inner squares and the dark for the square borders.

I love the contrast and the elegance that is created by the way she uses those two colours.

To be honest, I am quite surprised how well the pattern still comes out even though the light yarn is heathered. Don’t you love the little speckles, especially in the dark? Well done!

Photo by Derrith Selmes, used with permission

In Laurel Wilson‘s version we can observe the marvellous effect of using different shades of grey as well as setting  focal points in contrasting colours, creating a cute polka dot impression when looking from a bit further away. 

Below is a close up of Claire.

Photos by Laurel Wilson, used with permission

Now let’s have a chat about contrast. Lesley Hahn has definitely broken the records of ‘most Wrapped in Jamie versions made’ as well as ‘craziest Wrapped in Jamie colour schemes’, both in a good way. 

Let the following colourways sink in.

Photos by Lesley Hahn, used with permission

Christmas Theme




Pasch Bairn

Clan version

A royal colour way makes this version by Carola Vuori a stunning piece of art, fit for a King or Queen. 

Photo by Carola Vuori, used with permission

Below is a true ‘Wrapped in Jamie’ and our first blanket shown ‘in action’.

Jessica Aneuber made this version in just one colour to be a baby blanket. Some of the patterns have been made more than once to create a square blanket. All squares have been made without the border.

The mother, to whom the blanket was gifted, has kindly taken a picture to give a size impression with her little Cutie-pie. 

Both photos used with permission.

Amber Moore Wagenblast has chosen a neutral colour for all the square borders and contrasting, bold colours for the squares themselves. I think her blanket turned out beautifully that way. 

Kirsten Northfield in contrast has worked all her square borders in different bold colours while bringing the squares and the blanket border together in a neutral beige. She receives a very different, yet just as stunning effect.  And look at these cute tassels!


Claire in Makr Cotton 8ply made with a 3.5mm hook

Emily Schnurr Yinger fell in love with the Claire Square and tried several versions before she decided on her final blanket choice (shown here before joining)

Photos by Emily Schnurr Yinger, used with permission

Claire has the perfect size for a big cushion if you use an 8ply yarn. I love the blue on the left and the cute frame on the olive green cushion on the right. The dusty pink cushion looks super squishy and cuddly. 

Emily’s turquoise and white Claire, where she incorporated the blanket and the square border, separated with a polkadot frame, was donated for a fund raiser. It turned out to be her favourite and may be reproduced to be a keeper.

Heirloom Pattern Squares

Claire has the perfect size for a big cushion if you use an 8ply yarn.

Heirloom Pattern Projects

Using a whole range of variations of
Love is in the Air squares,
Susan Kelly created a sweet baby blanket.

I love how Susan has included a strip with two rows of hearts to frame the big inner hearts.

 Well done, Susan! 

Look at this beautiful Love is in the Air blanket, made by Laurel Wilson for her sister-in-law, who shares her birthday with Laurel. 

Congratulations, Laurel! 

Laurel used her own design of the border, bringing the project together beautifully.

Photos used with permission of the owners. Thank you!