• WIJ CAL Season 1 Project Border Pattern
  • Season 1 Project border Light
  • Project Border green and navy
  • Project Border plain cream
  • Project Border contrast colours
  • APC_6994 copy
  • Project Border blues whole rounds
  • Season 1 project border feature pic
  • Season 1 Project Border Flinders 3 ways
  • APC_6867 copy
  • APC_6871 copy

WIJ CAL Season 1 Project Border

$ 2.95

Wrapped in Jamie CAL Season 1 Project Border

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This PDF Download includes:

  • the complete, add-free written pattern
  • a list of all special stitches used
  • visuals for rounds that seem complicated / have repeats or repeats within repeats / contain special stitches
  • a specialised overlay crochet chart that is inspired by and adapted from Polly Plum‘s ingenious chart she used for the Stardust Melodies CAL
  • the pattern as a detailed, step-by-step photo tutorial with close ups for tricky stitches, finished sides and finished rounds
  • suggestions and photos for optional or essential stitch marker placements
  • the updated Outlanding Stitch Compendium explaining the NEW ‘Petranese’, special stitches, abbreviations and tutorials – in short all the essentials to get started with Wrapped in Jamie

The Outlanding Stitch Compendium is also available as a free standalone download or can alternatively be viewed online.

There is no obligation or need to purchase the pattern PDF, as there are a number of free resources available.

  • free pattern page with photos of the finished rounds , some special stitches and  stitch marker placement suggestions plus selected visuals
  • free video tutorials (right-handed and left-handed versions) with stitch marker suggestions and extra instructions for those who don’t need/want to use stitch markers or want to crochet along

However, if you like my design work or want to show acknowledgement by purchasing the ad-free PDF, I very much appreciate your support.


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