Wrapped In Jamie CAL Yarn Kits

We have been lucky to offer kits from different suppliers or get you some special deals to get your yarn for the Wrapped in Jamie CAL, which are listed below including available colourways.

From Pattern Collection to Wrapped In Jamie CAL

All squares have been initially designed as individual projects to be offered in an “Outlander inspired Square Pattern Collection.

The idea to turn the release of the Pattern Collection into the Wrapped In Jamie CAL has turned a simple pattern release into a huge event with thousands of crochet and/or Outlander loving participants from all over the world.

Collaborations for yarn kits in different colourways have been organised as well as charts and video tutorials in US terms for each pattern. Translations are still in the making, starting with UK terms, German and dutch translations.

Additional Designs

An additional eight squares plus the hugely anticipated, re-designed big Claire Square, Triangles in three different sizes and three border options have been added to the design which offers countless layout options from a simple 12-square shawl or lapghan to the tartan like Diamond Kilt Claire 20, which includes all design elements available.

The finished options are endless considering the many colour combinations and layouts available and photos of some finished projects of the Season 1 squares with and without Claire can be seen in our Gallery.

Make It Yours…

The Wrapped In Jamie CAL was intended to give you the squares and let you play, to make it yours by choosing your colours and projects. More yardage statistics will be available as we go and I appreciate if you can contribute the data if you use a yarn that differs in weight or yardage from the ones that are suggested and tested.

… or Follow The Lead

In case you want to use the exact yarn as I did for my “Show and Tell” squares (made from DROPS Baby Merino yarn), you can find an overview below.

In case you would like to make the squares in exact the same colours as I did, here is what you need:

Drops Baby Merino, available from Wool Warehouse (international)

Inner Square x 12 in 02 – Off White
2 borders in 22 – Light Grey
2 borders in 38 – Olive
2 borders in 23 – Light Beige
2 borders in 34 – Heather
2 borders in 20 – Dark Grey
2 borders in 11 – Ice Blue

To make 12 inner squares in Off White you need 6 balls.

To make 2 borders you need 2 balls in each colour mentioned above.

If you want to extend to Season 2, you will need an additional 4 balls of 02 – Off White plus 2 balls of each of the following colours:

44 – Powder
09 – Lime
18 – Brown
19 – Grey

The Claire Square will require 5 balls in the colour of your choice.

Every 1/2 Triangle will require approximately 100m/113yds of yarn.

Every 1/1 Triangle will require approximately 203m/225yds of yarn.

Each square including border will be approximately 24cm x 24cm / 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″.

This calculation does not consider an outer border, as the size and therefore the yarn requirements depends on your project and which border option you choose (small, medium, large).

Yardage requirements considering different border options will be updated for Season 3.


The great thing about yarn kits is that you can just order your favourite colourway and be sure to have enough yarn to finish your project without the need to buy more.

The yarn kits offered include enough balls of each colour to either make two squares in a solid colour each or have two squares with colour A for the centre and colour B for the square border and vice versa.

They are calculated for the 12 squares of Season 1, however not considering a border around the project.  

Those 12 squares are enough to make a simple shawl or rectangular wrap or a small blanket.

Yarn kits for Season 2 and 3 will match the colourways or you can mix and match them with each other, for example starting with Jamie in Season 1, then Claire in Season 2 and using the Scotland colourway for the outer border in Season 3.

You will need approximately equal amounts for each season, depending on your layout and border (some people choose layout that don’t require the triangles, so they will be offered separately. 

Season 1 – 12 squares
Season 2 – 8 squares plus Claire square (as much as 4 squares)
Triangles – as mentioned above
Season 3 – Border approximately same amount as 20 squares (exact measurements to follow)

Yarn Kit Suppliers

Wool Warehouse Wool WarehouseWool Warehouse

Wool Warehouse offer Drops Baby Merino in the following colourways:

Wrapped In Jamie CAL - 3 Squares Sneak Peek
Wrapped In Jamie CAL - 3 Squares Sneak Peek

Wool Warehouse offer Drops Paris in the following colourways:


Colour Options Using Yarn Kits (or any 6 Colours)

The yarn kits will have six different colours with enough balls of each colour to make two squares, so you can either make 

  • two squares in one uniform colour or
  • one square with the inner part in colour A and the border in colour B and the other square with the inner part in colour B and the border in colour A
  • or mix and match any colour combination out of the six colours to create all different inner square/border combinations

This will give you 6! combination options ( that’s 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 = 720 different options to combine your 6 colours or 120 options if you use 5 colours!)

Below are examples how you could combine them.

Colourspun is an artisan yarn and fibre shop. All yarns are hand-dyed and some of them have been specifically made for the Wrapped In Jamie CAL.

Colourspun offer Merino yarn in the following colourways:


Colourspun offer Cotton yarn in the following colourways:


Nundle Mill offer pure Australian Merino wool  in the following colourways:


In case you have a different colourway in mind or would like to get the tartan/kilt look that is suggested for the Diamond Kilt Claire 20, you can get use the same or similar colourways, but you will need different amounts than the ones listed above.

Exact amounts for different yarns will be updated soon. Until then, please refer to the yardage post to approximately calculate your yarn requirements.

Hint: the Diamond Kilt Claire 20 tartan colourway is made from only 5 colours, which will all be needed  in almost equal amounts.  In an 8ply/DK/Light Worsted this would be enough to make eight complete squares (20 balls of yarn with 100m/50g respectively 110yds/1.75oz ball in the example).

Knit Picks Banner

WeCrochet are offering a pecial Coupon Code for Wrapped In Jamie CAL participants that you can apply to receive 10% off their Brava Sport yarn, which is already great value, even without the extra discount. 

Use BSCAL20 for 10% off Brava Sport

Here is what I would suggest:

Umber Heather SKU25670
Sienna SKU 25669
Brindle SKU26376
Tidepool SKU 26387 (available 29.9.19)
Hunter SKU 26382
Wine SKU 25671
Cream SKU 25665
Dove Heather SKU 25666
Mint SKU 26383
Seraphim SKU 26370
Hunter SKU 26383
Dublin SKU 25673
Fig SKU 26380
Peacock SKU 26385
Silver SKU 26369
(Colour charts will be available as soon as someone volunteers to create them)

Use BSCAL20 for 10% off Brava Sport at wecrochet

WeCrochet offer some awesome Crochet Kits:

$15 Yay Crochet Kit ($39 value)

$25 Yay Crochet Kit ($100 value!)

The $25 Yay Crochet Kit ($100 value – 75% off) contains:

  • WeCrochet Magazine Issue 2
  • Yay Crochet! Enamel Pin (kit exclusive, not available separately)
  • 2 skeins of CotLin Yarn (Color included in kit: Mustard Seed)
  • 3 skeins of Dishie Yarn (Color included in kit: Silver)
  • WeCrochet Bright Crochet Hook Set
  • WeCrochet Hook Case (Color included in kit: Silver Sparkle)
  • Coffee. Crochet. Sleep. Repeat. Project Bag

The $15 Yay Crochet Kit ($39 value – 62% off) contains:

  • WeCrochet Magazine Issue 2
  • Yay Crochet! Enamel Pin (kit exclusive, not available separately)
  • 2 skeins of CotLin Yarn (Color included in kit: Surf)
  • Clover Soft Touch D/3.25mm crochet hook

Still nothing there for your liking? Try these shops: