• WIJ-CAL Square 1 Year of the Ox Pattern

Wrapped In Jamie CAL – Square 1 Pattern US terms OLD

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Wrapped In Jamie CAL Square 1 – Year Of The Ox US terms

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The file ending with xxx is an older version of the pattern, while the file ending xxx2 is the updated pattern.

In case you bought the older version, please forward your order confirmation to the return address to receive the updated file.

4 reviews for Wrapped In Jamie CAL – Square 1 Pattern US terms OLD

  1. Linda

    Let’s get started

  2. Kathleen Stanbury

    Great to see outlander blanket

  3. farzan

    square patterns jamie cal

  4. mia (verified owner)

    Very clear pattern. But you have to learn some new techniques. Finished the first square and it looks great.
    Looking forward for border pattern to finish square

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