WIJ CAL Square 14 – Scottish Cross Background Story

Feature picture by Stuart Timms on Unsplash

Scottish Cross is the follow up of the motif for “Goodbye, Mama“, Square 3 of Season 1.

Goodbye Mama is written in the ‘old Petranese’, using the letters ‘a’ for stitches ahead and ‘b’ for stitches behind where we now use ‘+’ and ‘-‘ in our special terminology. The pattern is in the process of being re-written to use the updated Image Overlay Crochet terminology. The same general principles apply though, so if you want to give Goodbye, Mama a go, you will find that it is to much of a difference to the newer pattern terminology.

Square 14 – Scottish Cross

Square 3 – Goodbye, Mama

Both designs are influenced by   features that are typical for Celtic designs, which have influenced Scottish culture since the Celts first set foot on Scottish land.

There are the wide arms, the centre circle and almost always also an additional circle that distinguish a Scottish/Celtic cross from a traditional Christian cross.

Scottish/Celtic Cross
Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash 

Christian Cross
Photo by James on Unsplash

In tradition with other designs, Scottish Cross has gone through a process of ‘being born’. It started out with a super simple design.

Photo by Adrian Moran on Unsplash

Not too bad, but let’s make the centre a bit more pronounced.

Considering that Season 2 is all about Scotland, its traditions and roots, I wanted it to be more ‘Celtic’, so I started to look closer at creating a more sophisticated swatch.

So with that, I present to you…

Square 14 – Scottish Cross

I hope you like it.

Now that you know the background story to Wrapped in Jamie Season 2 Square 13 – Royal Stag, I hope that you are inspired to give this square a go. I am curious to see which colours you are going to use or combine and which square border you are going to add. 

How about the classic square border from Season 1?

Or maybe the official BSC Season 2 SB2 Square Border ‘Scotland’? (Available 15.12.2021)

You could add Veronika Gadulova’s border contribution – her Plants and Herbs Border (available 15.12.2021).

Each of them are free on the website or available for purchase as ad-free PDF booklets including photo tutorials and charts in the shop (from 15.12.2021).

SB1 – Jamie, Claire and Frank

SB2 – Scotland

SB3 – Plants and Herbs (by Veronika Gadulová)

Alternatively, you could add a border specifically designed to match the theme of this square: the Scottish Cross Square Border (available January 2022)

It will be available as a single pattern or as part of the Wrapped in Jamie Season 2 Square Border Bundle 1 end of January 2022.

This border changes the look of the square dramatically and the pattern even includes adjustments to the beginning and the cross arms (centre square sample below).

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All 4 versions above at a glance with an impression of the complete square made with Scottish Cross Border corner version A

The square with adjustments to the beginning and the cross arms with square border ‘Scotland’

SB14-B: Frame, closed cross arm, middle section A, 2 x closed, 2 x open corner version B

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You can find the free Scottish Cross pattern page here:

Scottish Cross Pattern Page

Alternatively, support your designer and get the ad-free PDF version including added resources like

  • the written pattern with visuals and stitch marker recommendations,
  • a detailed photo tutorial,
  • all exclusive links to the right- and left-handed video tutorial for the complete pattern, and 
  • our special Image Overlay Crochet chart

Previous Pattern:
Square 13 – Royal Stag

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