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Black Sheep Crochet collects and creates STORIES WRITTEN IN YARN, so not all items shown are made from my own patterns, however all patterns shown here are mine. For items I made from other people’s patterns, I have made an effort to always credit the designer, if possible. If you notice a design without creditation, please let me know so I can correct it.

The process from designing a project to publishing it can take hours, days, even months of work, depending on the intensity of the initial idea. I therefore appreciate the time and effort that goes in all the free (and paid) patterns that are available on the various platforms and the designers’ websites and I put my hands together for a heartfelt “Danke schön!” for sharing them. 

It is my intension to add value in form of my own designs to the existing collective of crochet patterns. I hope you find them enjoyable.

From Zero to Hero...

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the most unspectacular things can spark a fantastic idea?

It could be an animal, a doodle or some sophisticated art, the way a whole nation can be recognised (and sometimes judged) by a particular trait of their culture, a certain event, like birth, marriage or death, that marks a significant change in life, the beauty of nature, the change of seasons and often even a story that can be inspiration for creative expression.

Here are some classes of topics I find inspirational for designing a pattern.


Gunna sitting

Bears and Bunnies are probably the most loved toy animals.

There are designers who specialise in creating extensive menageries of amigurumi designs.

Though my personal favourite animals are cats, I find it hard to resist any beautifully designed animal crochet pattern.


Doodle Bird pic

I love, love, love doodle art as inspiration for my crochet pattern designs. Every doodle tells a little story, which fully qualifies them to be translated into a crocheted piece to be loved and cherish. 

Does your child have a special doodle character? Let me translate it into your very own, personalised crochet pattern.


Totororight white

What does Totoro have in common with Stars & Stripes, Sauerkraut, the Eiffel Tower, Matrjoschkas or Ayers Rock?

You hear about or see them and you immediately associate a country or a whole culture with that symbol. Just adding accessories in a certain colour can completely change the feel or vibe of a room. From Native America via Italy to Papua New Guinea – every culture has attributes and traditions that are meaningful to the inhabitants.


There are few events that impact on a life more than getting married, having a baby or the loss of a loved one. 18th and 21st birthdays are certainly significant events, as are Silver or Golden wedding anniversaries. 

Would you like to create a Heirloom blanket that can grow with each new generation and which is specifically designed according to your family’s history? Get in touch!



The most fascinating and beautiful creations can be found by looking in the most basic corners of nature.

The versatility of the Fungi world, the perfection of a Nautilus shell, the translation of the Fibonacci sequence in a fern or sunflower – these are only fractions of the fascinating world that unfolds and reveals itself to those who take the time to stop (maybe smell the roses,) and look. 


basket Nest Mushroom

Every season has a reason. We might relate more to some than others, but it is undeniable that the Christmas spirit for example is contagious and most of us experience a longing for food and peaceful gatherings around Thanksgiving. 

While for some of us the celebration of denominational holidays has become inconsequential, others find peace and serenity in following religious traditions.

Either way, going with the seasons, the natural flow of time and change, is an empowering way to rewind, recharge or reconnect.



Outlander collection category

A good story can take us anywhere and is by far my favourite source of inspiration for creating a pattern. 

It is my belief that everybody has a story that is worthy of being captured and told, as it is the stories we hold on to that define who we are and who we become. 

The finest of arts, stories can bring us together; they teach us values and morals; they encourage or empower us to be brave, bold and adventurous; they tell us about the past and prepare us for the future; they can rip us apart and make us feel whole again and everything in between…

My signature collections are well-known stories that are translated into crochet patterns and I can’t wait to design your personal square. Tell me your story!