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Wrapped in Jamie Season 2 Episode 1

What is the Wrapped in Jamie CAL?

Wrapped in Jamie is a series of patterns that are inspired by Diana Gabaldon‘s* Outlander Saga* which is now also a major TV series*.

The squares in Season 1 are themed around events that took place in the time before and up until Jamie, the main male character of the story, meets Claire, the woman who tells us the story in Outlander.

An overview of all Season 1 squares and their background stories can be found here:

Season 1 squares

A square border for the Season 1 squares is also available for free on the website and in the shop.

Square Border SB1

We have now premiered the first set of Season 2 patterns:

The reason why these squares are not released in numerical order, is because instead of the 8 additional squares that were planned for Season 2, you get an extra 4 squares. These squares are contributions from our first ever collaborator Veronika Gadulová of Tkanee. So here is what you will get:

Square 13 – Royal Stag, Square 14 – Scottish Cross, Square 15 –  Thistle, Square 16 – Heather, Square 17 – Highlands, Square 18 – Clover, Square 19 – Celtic Roots, and Square 20 – Stone Circles from Black Sheep Crochet

Veronika is offering these contributions: Square 21 – Dragonfly, Square 22 – Spruce, Square 23 – Tree of Life, and Square 24 – Branch

We wanted to give you a bit of both worlds, so we decided to bring these squares to you in bundles as well as single patterns, if you only want selected patterns.

Each bundle will contain 2 Black Sheep Crochet and 1 Tkanee pattern. 

Bundle 1: Square 13 – Royal Stag, Square 14 – Scottish Cross and Square 21 – Dragonfly.

Bundle 2: Square 15 – Thistle, Square 16 – Heather and Square 22 – Spruce.

Bundle 3: Square 17 – Highlands, Square 18 – Clover and Square 23 – Tree of Life.

Bundle 4: Square 19 – Celtic Roots, Square 20 – Stone Circles and Square 24 – Branch

The first bundle is now available at a discount for a limited time.

Season 2 Bundle 1

Pattern links

Each pattern is available in a condensed version on the website, as free video tutorials, in form of a PDF in the shop and on Ravelry. 

All links for Royal Stag are listed here.

All links for Scottish Cross are listed here.

All links for Dragonfly are listed here.

Square Borders

What is a square without a border, right?

In Season 2, thanks to our collaborator Veronika, you get not only one new square border, but two. Both are compatible with ALL 20-round squares from Season 1 and Season 2.

That excludes Claire, our feature square and basically the cliffhanger between the seasons, as she is made with 60 rounds and is as big as four squares without a square border.

Square Border 2 – Scotland is designed by Black Sheep Crochet.

Square Border 3 – Plants and Herbs is designed by Veronika Gadulová of Tkanee. Copyright for the chart is with Black Sheep Crochet. 

Veronika Gadulová is licensed to make video tutorials for and translate Wrapped in Jamie patterns in Czech.

Petra Creutziger is licensed to make video tutorials for and translate Veronika’s Wrapped in Jamie pattern contributions in English and German.

Square Border Links

All links for Scotland are listed here.

All links for Plants and Herbs are listed here.