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Photos, Stags and Clanlands

Photo tutorials take foooor..eeee..veeeer to finalise.

The longer the round, the more room for special stitches. The more special stitches, the more placement photos are necessary. 

I am currently working on the photo tutorial for the Royal Stag, which is Square 13. It is the first of another set of 12 squares in Wrapped in Jamie Season 2. I am torn between recording the next rounds for the video tutorial and catching up with the photo editing.

Photo editing takes a lot of time – at least for me. Every single photo needs to be (heavily) cropped, sometimes edited for light (exposure, contrast, whites and blacks) and colour (white balance, temperature vibrance tint and saturation), then shared from the iPad to the big screen, renamed so I can find them again, copied into the correct folder for the square and the round, then duplicated, resized and finally copied into the table in the pattern document, where it is labelled.

Just the sharing/air drop from the iPad to the big screen takes 5-7 clicks. Not much for sharing a handful of photos, but there are an estimated 100 pictures in this tutorial. And that is not counting cropping, colour or light editing.

I am tempted to take a break and record some more rounds instead, now that the rooster has a few quiet moments. I swear to you, it is as if he knows when I press record. A few seconds in, he starts to crow, totally indifferent and oblivious of the fact that he is only a few more “keeckereekeeee”s away from becoming our next meal.

What keeps me going though are a number of things:

  1. chocolate (trust the good ole “Lindt* to give me a kick)
  2. a deadline (1.12.21 *insert scary face*)
  3. knowing that it will be worth it 
  4. the relief that you can’t hear the swearing while I’m at it
  5. listening to “Clanlands* by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, which is much more entertaining and funnier than I had expected.

I will be listening to the audiobooks of Outlander*, starting with book 4 – Drums of Autumn* – after that, to get in the mood and up-to-date in time for the release of the new book Go Tell The Bees That I’m Gone* by Diana Gabaldon on the 23rd of November. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

Are you an audiobook listener? If so, what is your current favourite?

* Full disclosure: this symbol marks links that lead you to an amazon page. If you choose to purchase this product, the company will contribute part of the proceeds to support Black Sheep Crochet’s mission to write 1000 stories in yarn. Thank you for your support!


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