Wrapped In Jamie Square 11 – Next of Kin Story


We are forever linked by ‘blood’ or DNA, which can be a dangerous thing. 

This square is about the relationship between Jamie, his uncle Dougal to whom he is connected by blood and his godfather  Murtaugh, who keeps an eye out for Jamie out of love and duty.

It should be expected that Jamie can rely on his family, his ‘next of kin’. But can he?


1743 – Jamie is back in Scotland, living rough with  and hunting with some other lads.

One day he wakes up to find himself in the Abbey of St. Anne de Beaupre in France. He can hardly remember what happened, but it turns out he is recovering from being hit over the head and knocked unconscious. Jamie has no idea, although a small suspicion, who the surprise attacker, who had come sneakily from behind, might have been. 

When he has recovered, he meets his godfather Murtaugh back home.

Jamie finds his father Brian’s dirk in Murtagh’s saddlebag. After his adventure with Rebekah he had vowed not to kill anymore, but he is not keen on being killed himself and wants to be prepared in case he is attacked again.

Rumour (as told to Jamie) has it that Jenny has borne Jack Randall’s child and is living with another English soldier at Lallybroch. To Jamie this feels like such a terrible and unforgivable betrayal that Jamie decides he cannot (yet) return home and face his sister.

Shortly after his arrival, Jamie and Murtagh are met by Dougal MacKenzie who informs them that Jamie is still hunted by Jack Randall. Dougal and his men offer to help protect Jamie. Both Jamie and Murtagh are suspicious of Dougal and fear he might try to hurt Jamie, so they make plans to run from Dougal once they reach open ground. 

What happens next will change Jamie’s life forever. 

Next of Kin

Photo credits to Holger Link on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

As we learn later in the story, pledging his allegiance to Connor MacDougal is almost as dangerous as not doing so. We will also learn about the special bond between Jamie and his godfather Murtaugh, which is much stronger than Jamie’s connection to his uncles (Dougal and Column, the latter being chief of clan MacKenzie, the former his brother’s executer).

The challenge for this square was to symbolise ‘relationship’ and I thought that this could be expressed on an atomic level through the dna sequence, molecules, mitochondria or cells and on an energetic level through energetic vibrations in form of wave lengths. 

By simplifying mainly the dna double helix, a straightforward, uncomplicated, simple  pattern emerged.

For the Storyteller colourway I have chosen blue as the ‘typical’ male colour and for Jamie’s blue eyes, which he has inherited from his mother and passed on to his daughter. 

The link to the free pattern page can be found below:

Square 11 – Next of Kin Pattern Page

As the CAL progressed and I noticed how most WIJ Clan members enjoyed a challenge,
Square 11 started to feel too trivial, too easy. but many of you preferred this version and thought it fits well into the CAL. 

In order to offer a more challenging (but still very doable) alternative version for the intermediate and advanced crochettes and crocheters, I set out to re-design the square. It will be available as ‘One of a Kin(d) – light” in the Heirloom collection, because it is not part of the original CAL.

Its big brother, “One of a Kin(d)”, will have its own background story.  

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