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What is a hdc/hdcbb aka hdcbb-x?

hdc/hdcbb or double hdcbb or hdcbb-x – variation of hdcbb – a half double crochet into the top loops of the next st AND the top loops of the st behind and (2 rounds) below the next st

Please note, since December 2021, we refer to this stitch as hdcbb-x. The tutorial was created before we updated our Image Overlay Crochet Basics document and unified the stitch name for consistency.

You can find a tutorial for the dcbb and the hdcbb here:

Double Crochet Behind and Below

Why use a hdcbb-x instead of a hdcbb or dcbb

The hdcbb-x is a very useful stitch to use in order to create a soft 3D effect.

Sometimes several special stitches are made in a row. When single crochet are worked into the top loops of the special stitches in the next row, a gap is left in the back (on the WS) of the special stitches (as we need to skip 1 stitch behind each special stitch in order to avoid unnecessary increases)

In case a dcbb is worked into the skipped stitches, the special stitches in front of each dcbb worked will need to be skipped. This will create a sharp ridge and leave a gap on the RS of the work.

By using a hdcbb-x we can connect the special stitches in the front with the gap-filling stitches in the back while also creating a special 3D effect.

How to work the hdcbb-x

yarn over, insert the hook through the top loops of the next st (this will most likely be a special st) AND the top loops of the st behind and (2 rounds) below the next st (as shown in picture)

yarn over and pull up a loop 
(3 loops on the hook)

yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook (working a ‘normal’ hdc)

continue in the next st

In this example, 5 hdcbb-x are made side by side. The needles indicate which top loops are to be paired to work the hdcbb-x.

The slight ‘ridge’ between the special stitch and the hdc/hdcbb creates the impression of depth.

hdcbb-x is a very common stitch in almost all patterns that use Image Overlay Crochet (IOC). 

It was introduced in Season 1 of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL and is a regular companion in the Special Stitch overview.

Why not try it out with one of the patterns? You can find all Season 1 patterns listed here:

Wrapped in Jamie Season 1 patterns

Video Tutorials

Please note that in the video tutorial we are referring to this stitch as hdc/hdcbb or double hdc

hdcbb-x RH video tutorial

hdcbb -x LH video tutorial

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