“Petranese” explained – hdc/hdcbb or double hdc

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What is a hdc/hdcbb?

hdc/hdcbb or double hdcbb – variation of hdcbb – a half double crochet into the top loops of the next st AND the top loops of the st behind and (2 rounds) below the next st

You can find a tutorial for the dcbb and the hdcbb here:

Double Crochet Behind and Below

Why use a hdc/hdcbb instead of a hdcbb or dcbb?

The hdc/hdcbb is a very useful stitch to use in order to create a soft 3D effect.

Sometimes several special stitches are made in a row. When single crochet are worked into the top loops of the special stitches in the next row, a gap is left in the back (on the WS) of the special stitches (as we need to skip 1 stitch behind each special stitch in order to avoid unnecessary increases)

In case a dcbb is worked into the skipped stitches, the special stitches in front of each dcbb worked will need to be skipped. This will create a sharp ridge and leave a gap on the RS of the work.

By using a hdc/hdcbb we can connect the special stitches in the front with the gap-filling stitches in the back while also creating a special 3D effect.

'Petranese' explained - hdc/hdcbb PDF

You can download this tutorial as a free PDF in the shop:

‘Petranese’ explained hdc/hdcbb

or as a direct download below.

How to work the hdc/hdcbb

yarn over, insert the hook through the top loops of the next st (this will most likely be a special st) AND the top loops of the st behind and (2 rounds) below the next st (as shown in picture)

yarn over and pull up a loop 
(3 loops on the hook)

yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook (working a ‘normal’ hdc)

continue in the next st

In this example, 5 hdc/hdcbb are made side by side. The needles indicate which top loops are to be paired to work the hdc/hdcbb.

The slight ‘ridge’ between the special stitch and the hdc/hdcbb creates the impression of depth.

hdc/hdcbb RH video tutorial

hdc/hdcbb LH video tutorial

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