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Peg Doll Accessories – Hug Me Carrier

$ 3.95

Peg Doll Accessories Collection – Hug Me Carrier – A MUST-HAVE crochet patternfor all Peg Doll Lovers

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This PDF Download includes:

  • the complete, add-free print-ready written pattern 
  • the pattern as a detailed, step-by-step photo tutorial with close ups for every pattern instruction, 
  • links for the right-handed and left-handed video tutorial (in US terms)
  • US A4, US Letter and UK A4 version of the pattern


On Sale until Midnight
September 3, 2021 (Brisbane time)

The Hug Me Carrier is designed to fit a Peg Doll Babe or Child 3cm / 13/16” tall with a 1.5cm / ⅝” base
Get your set here:
Wooden Peg Dolls USA


It can be used by Mama, Papa or the brother Peg Doll (right to left)

Let the babe face towards the Peg Doll carrying it (Mama and Brother) or in a more native way – on the back (Papa), ready for a nice hike.


The Babes can use the Hug Me Carrier as sleeping bags for a night out camping or with friends.


Mamas love the Hug Me Carrier when they meet for a little chat.

Dad is getting ready for a hike into nature for a bit of reflection and connection with his little one.

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You can find the pattern for the Native Cradle Carrier here:

Native Cradle Carrier Crochet Pattern


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