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The square was designed in order to help raise the vibration of all people who get in contact with it – those who make it and those who get the opportunity to use a finished item made from square, whether this is a shawl, a throw, a blanket or a cushion. 

I felt the need for a raise in vibration when people started to succumb to a state of fear and panic as a result of the ‘outbreak’ of the ‘Corona virus’. When a message from my dear friend Taryn LeNu, who is a shining being, a Light worker, author and cancer survivor, shared this message in her ‘Women Raising Vibration’ group, the design for this square presented itself without the least delay.

Here is Taryn’s message:

“Corona in Latin terms means “Crown”. The Crown Chakra is our connection to Source, our Light Teams and Ancestors. 

The Crown chakra is what connects us to Higher Dimensions and this is where Higher Frequency light comes through. 

This virus hype is  messing with the heads of people and we are sadly witnessing people physically tackling each other in shops over toilet paper. 

Messing with people’s minds shifts people’s frequency to one of Fear&Panic and is the fastest route to halting the progression of a spiritual awakening. We are on the cusp of a massive shift in humanity’s consciousness and you can feel us reaching the tipping point into mass understanding and awareness.

But Fear&Panic are the lowest vibrational frequencies a person can hold. 

When you are immersing yourself in these lower frequencies the body shuts down from attaining LIGHT. 

I urge all you Beautiful, GLORIOUS, high vibrational women to please focus on love, kindness, compassion and courage. Mindfully watch where your thoughts are wandering and hold yourself accountable to be focussed on what you WANT instead of what you don’t want.

Be protective of what/who is governing your mind and what you choose to perpetuate. 

The 2020 energy is amazing for personal manifestation when we harness our personal thought directions in spite of the external chaos that is there … the portals are open, the gates to higher frequencies are wide open.

” – Taryn LeNu

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

Love is the highest vibration there is.

When we are in a state of LOVE, we can negate lower vibrations like fear. Accordingly, I packed the square abundantly with hearts, our universal symbol of love with the hope that it will remind us that we are one and that kindness is one of the most powerful virtues.

When we raise our vibration, we move back into our own power, where we are able to look for and find solutions and where we are more resourceful than in a low vibration state.

The colour choice was easy:

Pink is the perfect colour for this square, as it is the universal colour for love of self and others, friendship, affection, harmony and peace.Pink gemstones are said to have healing powers and are often associated with serenity and relaxation.

When we are “tickled pink”, we are happy and positively excited. Someone who is healthy is “in the pink”. 

The colour Pink reduces aggression and anger, is soothing and installs tenderness and affection. 

The name choice was not

My first name for the pattern was “Heal the World”, because that was the intention the square was designed for. 

However, a quick poll on instagram revealed that another name that popped in my head again and again was the most popular (not to forget some wonderful alternative names).

I renamed several times, but finally settled with LOVE is in the Air

It seemed to be most important to put the emphasis on the LOVE, especially in the time of social distancing, when it is a bit tricky to express our love through body language. 

Size options:

The smallest recommended size is 13 or 14 rounds. From here, the square can be easily extended infinitely by repeating the three core rounds. This means anything is possible. 

  • make a lot of small ones,
  • make them all in the same colour,
  • make them in different colours,
  • make one big square in one colour
  • or a gradually changing colourway (a self-changing cake would be perfect!) or
  • mix and match in any way that suits your personality or the personality of the cherished person who will receive a project made form this square as a gift.

Alternative uses:

  • Of course this is the perfect square for your Valentine (36 squares would be an awesome number of squares),
  • a Heirloom project (combine with other Heirloom patterns),
  • a wedding gift for your kids or grand kids that matches their favourite colourways or
  • part of a family story blanket (because everybody has a story!)

The pattern page with photo tutorial and links to the video tutorials in right- and left-handed version can be found here:

LOVE is in the Air Pattern Page (page will be live soon! Almost there…)

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