How to… Crochet tutorial – super easy sc foundation row

This website uses US crochet terminology. 

I have introduced this sc foundation row for the ‘Hug Me Carrier’ with a little photo tutorial, where the width of the 2 sides formed the base of the carrier and I am re-using it in Luna’s Pouch and Bag, which will be released on the 4th of June 2023 here:

Luna’s Pouch and Bag

I wanted to add a little ‘in action’ video tutorial to show how to make the starting row from the beginning. 

You can find the photos for the same foundation row here:

2sFR – 2-sided foundation row

or further below. I called it a 2-sided foundation row, because you get 2 opposing sides of ‘V’s, which you usually only have on the top of the work.

You can find more advantages of working a 2-sided foundation row instead of a long chain of single crochets in the tutorial above.

Below are the videos for the sc foundation row on which the 2-sided foundation row is based. 

Right-handed tutorial

The sc foundation row is the beginning of the slim-base version of Luna’s Pouch and Bag, an IOC accessory pattern that will be released at the Crochet Guild Australia Conference on the 1st of June 2023 in Sydney. 

If you have not yet, you can get your ticket here: 

Crochet Guild Conference

And while you are there, why don’t you join me in the IOC workshop, where I teach you the basics of Image Overlay Crochet and how you too can write your story in yarn?

Left-handed tutorial

Photo tutorial

How to work the sc foundation row or 2-sided foundation row


2-sided Foundation Row


1 – start with a slip knot, leaving a tail at least 3 – 4 times longer than you want the finished foundation row to be (1 loop on hook)

2 – bring the tail over the hook from front to back (2 loops on hook)

3 – yo from the continuing side of the yarn (as in the photo) and pull through both loops

Tip: pinch the knot with your fingers to make this step easier

4 – first foundation sc finished

repeat step (tail over hook)

repeat step (yo from the continuing yarn)

keep on repeating steps and until you have the desired number of sts

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