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Peg Doll Mama and Daughter Shawl Pattern US terms

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Peg Doll Mama and Daughter Shawl -
Pattern and Photo Tutorial US terms

Step-by-step pattern instructions and photo tutorial how to crochet a triangular shawl for Peg Doll Mama (9cm / 3 1/2″) and Daughter (5.2cm / 2″)

Why Peg Doll Accessories?

Traditionally, all toys provided to a child in a Waldorf/Steiner environment are designed to inspire play at the highest imagination possible. 

As little as possible requisite is provided in order to provide an empty slate for the children to start their play.

Dolls come with no preset facial expressions, (Peg Dolls usually even come without eyes), so everything is possible.

Peg Doll Accessories are a tool to express character and personality, to support the child’s story and to induce delectable kinaesthetic sensations.

Character and Personality

As it is the case with any clothing or add-ons, Peg Doll Accessories provide an opportunity for our children to give their toys character and personality.

Are they going for natural or bold shades or the colours of the rainbow?

Will they choose uniform or different colours to dress the Peg Dolls?

Do they prefer the pure, soft  or simplistic over the intricate, embellished or extravagant style or vice versa?

Story Telling

Peg Doll Accessories are created with the imaginative story teller in mind. They support and inspire narrations that can go in all different directions.

Going to the beach? Shopping? To the markets? Camping? There’s an accessory for that. 

Is it warm or cold? Peg Doll Accessories imply seasonal changes in their design.

Small differences in form and shape of the hats, cloaks, dresses, handbags or slings may suggest cultural influences which open up new possibilities and explorations.

Kinaesthetic Sensation

The combination of warm and solid timber in contrast to the soft qualities of wool, pure cotton, silk or even alpaca adds a new dimension to the kinaesthetic experience during play. 

Natural materials have an unmistakeable quality that simply can not be achieved with synthetic products. 

Pattern Information

  • Written in US terms
  • Printable version (text-only pattern)
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial 
  • A4 format
  • Unlimited downloads

Make some simple beanies for the boys et voila,
 a small gathering of Mums and kids is ready to go on an adventure. 

Additional information

Crochet Terms

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