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This is our signature WIJ CAL Clan.

In here, we talk about Jamie and Claire (the main characters in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander saga) and how they inspired the Wrapped in Jamie CAL pattern designs.

We chatter about a few other Outlander related topics too, just because there is so much interesting stuff out there.

To hear everything  – and only – about Wrapped in Jamie, like when new patterns are released or old ones are updated, when we start the next season or any other Wrapped in Jamie related news…

Heirloom Patterns

Everybody’s got a story.

What better way to honour a wedding day, a wedding  anniversary, a very special friendship, a graduation, the first property purchase or any other significant event with a very exquisite gift:

An item that was designed – and made – for a noteworthy being or a glorious occasion.

To hear everything – and only –  about our individually designed Heirloom Patterns…

Mosaic ( Overlay and Inset) Crochet

Since its revival, mosaic crochet has earned more and more raving fans. 

At first, it feels strange to cut each row at the end. Just imagine so many ends to sew in! But luckily, there is a very cool (yeah, I know, using this word reveals me as growing up in the 80’s) solution to deal with them, namely the “envelope” or double border. A little bit more work than a normal border, but the result is extraordinary and so totally worth the effort!

I just finished the Art Deco Tiles – Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern, but there are many more patterns in my head that want to be written. The next one is already on the way. 

Goodness me, they really are addictive! 😉

You can find the story how my first mosaic crochet pattern forced its way into existence here.


Aren’t these the cutest baskets ever?
They  are scaled to complement our Peg Doll Collection 
and are catering to little people’s hands, inspiring imaginative play.

Make a shawl for Peg Doll Mama and Daughter
Easy step-by-step pattern available for download in US or UK terms
or follow the instructions on the free pattern page.

Create simple beanies for the whole Peg Doll family. Pattern comes in four different sizes to cover all six family members – Mama and Papa, Brother, Sister and Child, Babe and Baby.
Easy step-by-step pattern available for download in US or UK terms
or follow the instructions on the free pattern page.

A constantly growing collection of patterns designed for Peg Dolls, containing

            • headgear (beanies, caps, summer hats, top hats, bonnets…),
            • cloaks, shawls, scarves and dresses (for all seasons),
            • accessories (handbags, slings, carriers, baskets…) and
            • home decor (sleeping bags, carpets, cat and dog beds, curtains, blankets, cushions…)

New patterns are added regularly.
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