Wrapped In Jamie Square 9 – Rebekah Story


The Menorah, a candelabra with 7 arms, is probably the most enduring symbol of the Jewish people. It symbolizes the ideal of universal enlightenment. The seven lamps allude to the branches of human knowledge and the creation in seven days. 

Having a Menorah enchased in her grave stone tells every visitor that the deceased was a respectable Jewish woman. 


As a means of laying low, nursing his wound and taking a break from Scotland, Jamie and his friend Ian are working as  mercenaries in France.

Rebekah, a Jewish doctor’s granddaughter, is to be married to the son of the chief rabbi of the Paris synagogue. An ancient Torah, a priceless scroll from Spain, is part of her dowry.

Jamie and Ian are assigned to safeguard Rebekah, the scroll and a large sum of money on their journey.

A beautiful young woman, a valuable object and two handsome virgins going on a journey…What could possibly go wrong…?

Photo credits to Mark Rasmuson on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

The challenge in this square was to create the soft arc of the candelabra’s arms. For that purpose, I introduce the front posts around the stitches in the same rounds. The Menorah is growing  round by round to fill out each side completely. 

The ‘cups’, or candle holders, add an extra dimension to the square.

I have chosen a soft, pale yellow for the square in the storyteller colourway. It refers to the pigmentation of old parchment (reference to the Torah scroll) and the soft golden shade of bees wax candles.

Light yellow is said to clear, open and alert the mind. 

From a chakra perspective, it is the colour of the third chakra, which relates to the solar plexus and its natural element is fire. This energy center is – among other virtues – associated personal identity and individual will, which is a big issue for Rebekah.

The link to the free pattern page can be found below:

Square 9 – Rebekah Pattern Page

(Link will be live on 29th of March 2020 at 12pm Brisbane time)

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