‘Petranese’ explained – Rose Bud aka bud st and Big Rose

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This stitch has been first introduced in Season 2 of the Wrapped In Jamie CAL, with Claire being the first square of the season. 

Decorative Stitches

Decorative stitches are fabulous to tell a story in overlay crochet.

Flowery, decorative stitches in particular add a feminine element to an overlay crochet design. 

The main element in Part 3 of the Claire Square – the first square in Season 2 of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL – is defined by flowery stitches: Rose Bud, Big Rose and Small Rose

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What is a Rose Bud?

A Rose Bud, also called bud stitch, is a decorative stitch that can be seamlessly integrated into a crochet piece.  

It is suitable to be worked in the round/square or in rows. 

The Rose Bud is also the foundation for the Big Rose and a number of other stitches.

How to work the Rose Bud / bud st

Once you have done a few, the Rose Bud is easy to work.

When the pattern calls for it, you work 3 sc in the back loop only (BLO) of the next st. 

For easy access and finding, place a stitch marker in the third loop in the first of those three single crochets.

Turn your work by 90° (right-handed: clockwise, left-handed: anti-clockwise).

Work 4 sc in the front loop only (BLO) of the same stitch, continuing to turn your work clockwise/anti-clockwise around as you go.

Close the Rose Bud with a slip stitch in the third loop of the first sc (with the stitch marker, if you chose to use it).

Continue in the next stitch.

Rose Bud or bud st 

sc in the BLO of the next st (place a st marker in the 3rd loop of the st – shown in pic.), 2 more sc in the BLO

4 sc in the FLO of the same st (indicated)

7 sc worked altogether

ss in the 3rd loop of the first sc (indicated)

continue in the next st

finished Rose Bud / bud st

Big Rose

The Big Rose continues from the Rose Bud (omit the ss to close the Rose Bud).

How to work the Big Rose

Work a Rose Bud (omit the ss)

Work 2 sc in the first sc of the Rose Bud and each st around ( 7 x 2 sc).

Slip stitch in the 3rd loop of the first single crochet from the Rose Bud.

Continue in the next stitch.

work 2 sc in the 3rd loop of each st (indicated)

7 x 2 sc in 3rd loop made

ss in the 3rd loop of 1st sc of the Rose Bud (indicated)

continue in the next st (indicated) 
Be careful to work in the next st, not in one of the sc just made. 

Finished Big Rose

Rose Bud and Big Rose arrangement examples

Rose Buds in an ‘espalier’.

Big Roses quartet.

Download the Rose Bud and Big Rose Tutorial

Right-handed video tutorial

Left-handed video tutorial

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