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I get it. While Wrapped in Jamie is Black Sheep Crochet’s signature CAL, it is not necessarily why you are here at all. There are more stories to be discovered, told or written in yarn than just Claire and Jamie’s (and definitely more to come!).

That’s why I thought you might want to specifically choose what you want to hear about. Here are your options:

The LOT including an Instant Discount Code

You’re a maker, you love your craft and you have a love for all sorts of designs.

You want the LOT and you can get it.

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Just Wrapped in Jamie

This is our signature WIJ CAL Clan.

In here, we talk about Jamie and Claire (the main characters in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander saga) and how they inspired the Wrapped in Jamie CAL pattern designs.

We chatter about a few other Outlander related topics too, just because there is so much interesting stuff out there.

To hear everything  – and only – about Wrapped in Jamie, like when new patterns are released or old ones are updated, when we start the next season or any other Wrapped in Jamie related news…

Just Peg Doll Accessories Patterns

You’re a maker, a story teller, a creator of children’s toys, a lover of natural materials, right?

Oh the places children can go, oh the stories they can tell with the Peg Doll Accessories you make for them, like Beanies, Shawls, Carriers, Cloaks, etc…

Peg Dolls rock. Let’s dress them up!

To hear everything – and only – about new peg doll pattern releases…

COMMENCING September 2021

Just hand-made Peg Doll Dress-Up Collections

You’re not a maker, but you love Peg Dolls and the stories they can tell.

Whether it is for yourself or a very special kid, these Dress-Up Collections are made to inspire the Story-teller and even become heirloom items for generations to come.

To hear everything – and only – about our Peg Doll Dress-Up Collections…


Just Heirloom Patterns for Special Occasions

Everybody’s got a story.

What better way to honour a wedding day, a wedding  anniversary, a very special friendship, a graduation, the first property purchase or any other significant event with a very exquisite gift:

An item that was designed – and made – for a noteworthy being or a glorious occasion.

To hear everything – and only –  about our individually designed Heirloom Patterns…

This link is not yet live. I am still working on the tech and the collection.

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By the way, I have found a way to avoid duplicate emails, so even if you are subscribed to the big Flock AND another specific group, you (should) only receive one email with the same headline. Cool, isn’t it?