Wrapped In Jamie Square 12 – Sassenachs – Story


The final square in Wrapped in Jamie’s Season 1 relates to the triangle between Jamie and two Sassenachs: his least favourite – Jack Randall, and Claire, who is going to become the love of his life, even though strangely connected to the former. 


May 2nd, 1743. Jamie meets Claire, an English woman, who has just accidentally walked through the stones. 202 years back from her own timeline, she just met Jack Randall, another ‘Sassenach’ – and (an evil look-alike) ancestor of Claire’s husband Frank.

When ‘Black’ Jack Randall tries to rape Claire, she is saved by Murtaugh, Jamie’s Godfather. He takes her with him to a group of clansmen around Dougal. They have retreated into a cottage where they tend to those who got wounded in a fight between Scots and ‘Sassenach’ soldiers.

Claire is using her knowledge as a nurse to take care of Jamie’s wounds.

Photo by James Giddins on Unsplash

Designer's Thoughts

What could possibly be more British / Sassenach than the Union Jack?

I could not think of anything else, especially considering that it symbolises the ‘union’ between England and Scotland – the very thing the Scots and English have been fighting about.

The pattern uses simple and lots of straight lines of front posts to contrast with the flat single crochet in the background in order to stylise a simple form of the flag.

The history between Scotland and England (and Wales) can be likened to the triangular connections Jamie/Claire, Claire/Frank and Jamie/Claire/Jack Randall, including similar dramas of

Division and Union
Fighting and Binding
Love and Hate

Photo by Joeri Römer on Unsplash

The Storyteller colour choice is Dark Grey in reference to the stone circle through which Claire had come – an event that changed not only her, but also Jamie’s life forever.

The link to the free pattern page can be found below:

Square 12 – Sassenachs

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