Heirloom Patterns


In the 1970’s doing all sorts of hand craft was very ‘hip’. Knitting, crocheting, macramé, needlework, weaving, sewing.. you name it.

During this time some of the most beautiful blankets, clothes, accessories and other works have been created that are now, fifty years later, still cherished and passed on to the younger generations as heirloom objects or sold as vintage items. 

History is repeating itself and handcraft has made a huge come back lately. Old patterns are ‘recycled’ and modernised. Fibre artist have emerged out of nowhere to show how using ordinary stitches can result in contemporary pieces of art. The range of makers and designers has never been as comprehensive and wide-spread as it is today, ranging across all age groups.

So what do you think – shall we create some heirloom pieces together?

Everybody’s got a story.

What better way to honour a wedding day, a wedding  anniversary, a very special friendship, a graduation, the first property purchase or any other significant event with a very exquisite gift:

An item that was designed – and made – for a noteworthy being or a glorious occasion.

What if you could “write your story in yarn”?

This is what these patterns are for. 

We start with… 

LOVE is in the Air – a pattern initially designed to raise the vibration of our community from fear to LOVE in an attempt to see more clearly and make better decisions during the ‘covid-19 pandemic’ – is a pattern that celebrates two hearts meeting and beating as one, joining in union as a couple.

One of a Kin(d) – Light is a modified version of the Heirloom pattern One of a Kin(d) to be compatible with the Wrapped in Jamie CAL squares.

It is an alternative to Square 11 – Next of Kin and has a similar Background Story.