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The Year of the Ox in the Year of the Ox

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Did you know?

The first square of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL was called “Year of the Ox“. (You can read the full background story to this square here.)

The reference is to Jamie Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, the main male character in Diana Gabaldon’s epic Time Travel/Highland Saga series Outlander.

Born on the 1st of May 1721, he is a Zodiac star sign Taurus, well as the Chinese Zodiac Ox, which this day this year is his 300th anniversary.

Photo credit: Shane Rounce on Unsplash

To celebrate his (imaginary) 300th birthday (after all, he has not died in the story – yet, so technically he is still ‘alive’), all Wrapped in Jamie CAL patterns are available at 30%.

So if you have been waiting for a great deal to get your hands on the printed PDF, this is it!

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Square 1 – Year of the Ox

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