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Frequently Asked Questions about CLAIRE

Is Claire Part of Season 1?

Wrapped in Jamie Clan members who have been with the CAL from the beginning know that at first the CAL consisted of 12 squares plus the big Claire square.

However, while preparing the first squares for public release, the enthusiasm for the project went through the roof. I decided to also add eight more squares that I designed to complement the first twelve and which could be used to enlarge the project and offer additional layout options. 

Because the CAL grew so big, it was decided to offer it in several parts, aka Seasons. Claire has moved to be the first pattern released in Season 2.

How big is Claire?

Claire is as big as 4 normal sized squares including the square border, respectively as big as 9 squares without the square border.

So in order to calculate the average amount of yarn you will need, you will best check the amount you use for a complete square and multiply it by 4 or – in case you omitted all square borders – by 9.

Does Claire have a border?

No, Claire does not have a border like the smaller sized squares. She will be 60 rounds big and will fit in the middle of the 12 squares from Season 1 like this:

When will the Claire square pattern be released?

I appreciate your patience while I prepare ALL patterns for Season 2 before I start releasing them.

They will all be properly tested and edited. Many people have asked if all pattern from Season 1 are available for purchase in one go, which was not the case.

I am currently working on updating the first six pattern from Season 1 to match the writing style of the later patterns (and correct any mistakes that may be found still). Once that is done, all patterns and introductory information will be compiled in a book to respond to this demand. 

In the same way, people who want to finish faster may want to get the complete Season 2 pattern book at the beginning, which is why my team and I have decided to properly prepare all Season 2 patterns first. 

Claire, as part of Season 2, will be the first pattern to be released. As it is so big, we will spread the release over 4 parts. 

I can not give you a definite date yet when Claire will be released. If you are subscribed to the WIJ Clan news, you will get notified as soon as we continue.

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Here is a preview of the first part