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Season 1 Project Border Pattern Release

With the release of the Season 1 Project Border, Part 1 of the Wrapped in Jamie CAL is now officially finished.

If you want to move on to other projects or WIPs, this is a great opportunity to ‘wrap it up’ and add a final border to your 12 WIJ Squares. 

In saying that, the Season 1 Border is easily adaptable and can be used for any number of Wrapped in Jamie Squares or other designs that end on a stitch count of 59 stitches (plus an extra one after joining). 

It is also easy to make the border slim or wide, depending on your personal preference, amount of yarn left or proportion of blanket to border you prefer.

Only using contrasting colours for the framing rounds and working the inner part of border in a single colour …

… or adding colours that add contrast to those used in the inner square and/or square border and switching between two colours in specific rounds…

…or working solid rounds within the same colour family…

…or in contrasting colours can make a huge difference in the final ‘visual weight’ of the border.

Make it YOURS!

As with the Wrapped in Jamie squares, this is a border to make ‘yours’ by choosing whether you want contrast, simplicity, a colourful, solid, lively, discrete, loud or reserved border, a challenge with colour changes or a no-sweat, straight-forward finish.

So if you put your mark on the Wrapped in Jamie Squares, this is the perfect finishing touch to continue with that in the Season 1 Project Border.

The special overlay crochet chart can be used as a stand-alone pattern instruction or is the perfect visual addition to the written pattern, which makes it easy to leave out or change rounds to make the border wider or slimmer.

Here are the links you need to get started:

Free Pattern Page

Season 1 Project Border Background Story

Free Right-Handed Video tutorial

Free Left-Handed Video tutorial

Ad-free PDF download including the Crochet Chart
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