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WIJ Update – Stitch Collection and Stitch Compendium


When I first started to write down the pattern for the squares in the Wrapped in Jamie CAL, I used a system consisting of numbers and letters.  One of my WIJ Clan members affectionately called this system ‘Petranese’ and since then we use this name to describe the WIJ way of writing overlay crochet patterns. 

The OLD way

The Stitch Collection for the Wrapped in Jamie CAL explained how to read the stitch abbreviations. 

tr-2a-2b for example meant a treble into the stitch (or front loop) 2 (sts) ahead and 2 rounds below the next stitch. ‘b’ was also used for ‘behind’ and ‘backwards’ though, which led to confusion for the translations. 

The NEW way

From Square 7 and onwards we therefore ‘simplified’ the stitch placement description.

We now use tr_+2-2 to describe a treble that will be made in a stitch 2 ahead and 2 rounds below the next stitch. My editor suggested to also include ‘in FLO‘ if the respective treble is to be worked into a FLO (which it will usually be in overlay crochet, unless we make a front post instead or rare other options).

The Front Loop Issue

I have also been made aware, that my front loop placement descriptions were all wrong. The front loops belong to the stitch in round below the one I assigned them to. (It took me weeks to get this  *grins sheepishly*)


Until all six patterns that have already been released are updated to the NEW Petranese, you will need both documents:

The Stitch Collection with the OLD Petranese for the OLD Squares 1 – 6 and the NEW Petranese explained in the Outlanding Stitch Compendium for (currently) Square 7 and onwards.


For now, we will need both – the OLD Stitch Collection and the NEW Outlanding Stitch Compendium. 

Moving forward with Square 7, I highly recommend to download the new document. It will be your reference from now on and our sole reference once Squares 1 to 6 have been updated. 

They are available as free downloads in the shop.


or directly through the links below.