WIJ CAL – Joining Your Squares

In case you want to finish your Wrapped in Jamie project at the end of Season 1 of the CAL, here are two ideas you may want to consider for your squares. 

Using them will be beneficial for the correct stitch count for a suggested border. 

To use the border I designed for Season 1, I recommend a join that keeps the squares close together. 

The Project Border is flexible to be used for a 2 x 6 or a 3 x 4 squares layout or even for 1 x 12 with only 1 stitch added above the join in the first round.

Joins that will work for the WIJ Project Border

Sewn Joins

Whip stitch join

Mattress stitch join

I am not really a fan of sewing squares together, so my go-to joins would more likely be one that can be crocheted.

Crocheted Joins

All of these joins are worked by taking (part of) a stitch from one square and connecting it to (part of) a stitch of the second square. 

Flat “Zipper” join – this will bring your squares together in a very flat manner and at the same time create a neat visible seem of top loops.

Demonstrated in detail by Dedri Uys at Look At What I Made

Zig zag slip stitch join – Similar to the  ‘Zipper”-method and the slip stitch join, but with a little twist.  A great join to emphasize a ‘Celtic’ look.


Zig Zag Slip Stitch Join

3rd loop slip stitch join

 – The 3rd loop round is a typical feature in the Wrapped in Jamie CAL squares. A third loop slip stitch join is the logical consequence for bringing connecting the squares. 


3rd loop slip stitch sample


Single crochet join