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“Petranese” explained – Basics

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‘”Petranese” explained’ is a collection of tutorials that explains the basics of Black Sheep Crochet’s special overlay stitch placement crochet terminology

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Many of the Black Sheep Crochet projects, for example, all Wrapped in Jamie squares, many Heirloom squares, and some Afghan squares, are designed in ‘overlay crochet’ technique. 

 To easily describe where to place the overlay stitches, I have created a special way of writing these patterns. A member of my Facebook group called this way of stitch placement description ‘Petranese’ and the name stuck.

 In this tutorial collection, you will learn

  • Crochet terminology, Abbreviations, and Punctuation
  • abbreviations and definitions for basic stitches you should be familiar with and how to work them
  • counting stitches & rounds and how to find free front loops
  • how to combine stitch and round counting to find the right spot to place a special stitch/overlay stitch
  • exceptions to the rules
  • how to work special stitches in front loops only, back loops only, and 3rd loops (including of course where to find them)
  • how to read abbreviations for angular stitches and how to work them
  • what front post and back post stitches are and how to work them
  • the benefits of padding stitches, when to use them, and how to make them
  • in short: all the basics of reading “Petranese” abbreviations for any special stitches and how they are applied in the design

Included are detailed step-by-step photo tutorials and video tutorials (where useful) as well as a link to more crochet, “Petranese” explained, and “How to…”  tutorials.

And the best part is, that this is all provided to you
completely FREE OF CHARGE

‘”Petranese” explained’ is an essential tool to making overlay crochet á la Black Sheep Crochet a breeze.

Everything is explained in great detail, with lots of additional resources, so that even an explorative beginner can attempt to work the Wrapped in Jamie CAL, Heirloom collection and Afghan square patterns using “Petranese” terms.


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