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Have you noticed? LOVE is in the Air!

While it is easy to forget or overlook, the corona virus situation has a lot of blessings in store for everyone. 

Though the benefit of social distancing and ‘flattening the curve’ versus ‘business as usual’ and a higher, but shorter curve can (and should!) be discussed, we can all agree that hoarding toilet paper and coming from a place of fear is not helpful for anything or anyone. 

As outlined in the background story to the square, the design came to me as a message of LOVE and a reminder that choosing our emotional state and our vibration is a choice. 

While it is challenging to distance ourselves from buying into the fear mongering (a definite pet peeve!) of the (social and unsocial) media, it helps to remember that we are ALWAYS in control how we choose to respond to a situation we find ourselves in.  

Are we choosing Fear or Faith?
Are we focusing on the Social Distancing or the Social Community
Do we believe that we are doomed and that we will probably die soon or are we getting informed and (start / continue) thinking for ourselves?
Are we going to take pity on ourselves and get sick worrying or are we using this opportunity to ponder how we can add value and be of service to others?
Will we get lost in loathing or will we rise up to loving?

My virtue card pick today was “Understanding” 

Understanding is having clear insight into ideas and feelings. We thoughtfully seek to comprehend the full truth. We are mindful of what is most important. We are deeply present to others with compassion and accuray, helping them to discern their own clarity. We go the extra mile to put ourselves in another’s shoes in order to forgive. We treasure knowledge, and use our minds as tools to explore what is real and true. We cherish the ability to see the whole picture.

 – © The Virtues Project International

They say about LOVE that it fills our hearts and makes them overflow, that it can be expressed in a smile, a kind word, an act of kindness or thoughfulness.

LOVE is a vital force that gives us ENERGY and DIRECTION.” *
“It has the POWER to HEAL.” *
LOVE is our greatest GIFT.” *

Most importantly,  what we all know and need to remember is that…


What if we infect ourselves and others with the practice of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING?
What if we allow ourselves to reflect on our ideas and feelings and practise to choose our thoughts and emotions consciously?
What if we practise compassion with others and take the time to be discerning listeners and facilitators for clarity?
What if we use our minds and the resources available to use to explore what is real and true?
What if we put some faith in our own knowledge, wisdom and perceptiveness and create a picture that is based on our own understanding and rooted in our own values?

With this square I invite you to remember that LOVE, too, is in the air, that LOVE, too, is contagious and that LOVE, too is spreading. 

Join me in tipping the scales over to LOVE.

From me to you, from you into your square, from each square into the whole project, from your project into the heart of the one who receives it and all the way back, charged and overflowing with appreciation and healing power. 

I’d like to see a ‘virus’ try to come in our way.

(inspired by a conversation between Gandalf and Radergast in “The Hobbit”, which might as well have sounded like this:

Gandalf: “But it is the COVID-19, it will get to you!”
Radergast: “And this project is made from ‘LOVE is in the Air‘. I’d like to see it try!”)

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*  Quotes from the ‘Love’ Virtue card by the Virtues Project International ©