Look at these:


He is good looking and he knows it. Bold as his colour, he is a go-getter with the ladies. Even though they know he won’t stay for long, they can’t help themselves but compete for his attention.


She is still exhausted from looking after her many kids, but nevertheless is one of the best egg hiders out there. Gunna is smart, kind and caring.


The youngster on the block, Bertie knows how to party and have fun, yet he is loyal and honest to his friends. He always has a smile on his lips and a story to tell that will cheer you up. Around him, life is groovy.

Aren’t they sweet as sugar?

When I was looking for some Easter inspiration, I came across Hopper the Hare by YukiYarn Designs.

Since I had some lovely soft cotton yarn, I grabbed the pattern and started straight away with Rusty. 

My son thought he looked a bit like a fox due to the colour, but I like him nevertheless. 

On my next visit to the yarn shop I found this exquisite mercerised Egyptian cotton from Kartopu and just had to start with Rosie.

She is a bit of a princess and doesn’t like to go out in the field so she won’t get wet or dirty, but she is a good organiser and supports her “underlings” with advice where to find the best egg hiding places.

Best Bunny Friends Forever